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March 6, 2012
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TW - Mission 5 - Page 13 by ArtOfTheGame TW - Mission 5 - Page 13 by ArtOfTheGame
Team Troubled Waters: Rescuers - Mission 5: Page 13

For :iconpmd-explorers:

First : [link]
Last : [link]
Next : [link]

Team Troubled Waters: [Link]


Page Notes:

Well, the trapped pokemon are free...but it seems that Shawn's lingering memories have control over him at the moment...

There's a few things I'm kind of "meh" about here. The cafe could probably be more populated, both in 'mons and furnature/dishes/food/etc. But I'm really running out of time here, (plus I'm terrible at large masses of bodies), so that's them apples.

Second, it occurred to me that I don't know how to shade things to make them look wet. A lot of water was dumped everywhere, but I was having difficulty making that obvious. But, I need to put that aside and move on!

Participating Teams:
:iconchibifoxie:'s Cassio and Farren from Team Dark Blitz -> [link]

--> I wound up featuring these guys more often than I intended when this story first started! Thanks for putting up with me ^^

:iconflautist-kloa:'s Teran and Kinth from Team Toastburn: -> [link]

-> Watch for falling/flying rocks! Sorry Teran :(

:iconskully-chan:'s Jane and Shelby from Team Lovely Death: [link]

-> Jane was a little luckier than Teran in the flying earth department

:iconroryrrules123:'s Rouge, Crescent, and Truffles-chan from Team Moonleaf: [link]

-> Wow, I got really lazy when I drew Rouge...sorry about that >_>

:iconnacome:'s Lear and Sirene from King's Pride: [link]

-> I've sort of taken inspiration for styling in comic making from Nacome during my time in PMD, and I think it shows here. After I finished inking Lear, I took a step back and realized that he's not far off from his artist's style! Creepy.
-> Also, judging from Nacome's entry for this mission, I'm sure Lear's thinking, "THAT IS NOT HOW YOU DO THINGS." :stare:

:iconakasherlock:'s Thunder and Onion from Team Solarthunder: [link]

-> I'm just going to assume that Onion likes to wear his bowtie over his mouth >_>

:iconbleachfanthe1st:'s Meowy Team Roughjustice: [link]

-> I wanted to color her ears so bad! O_o

:iconcriticalquit:'s Marie from Team Ashen Glory: [link]

-> Just decided to include Marie here...partially out of laziness :P

:iconchronos-lantern:'s "???" and Stella from Team Night Horizon: [link]

--> Ok yea, it's no secret who the Dewott is...but unfortunately, Shawn doesn't know that.

Also including Merchant's guild leader Shroomsworth
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Uh oh. I smell a heartbreaker coming. =(
ArtOfTheGame Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012
You've got a keen nose, there!
Flautist-Kloa Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012
Oh ouch. Teran, y u no move when you see rocks coming? I love how you did him! And Kinth just cowering behind a table~
ArtOfTheGame Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012
Judging by the rock on Kinth's table, he very nearly got the same treatment as Teran did! I think Kinth's right to cower for just a few minutes :D
Flautist-Kloa Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012
His first reaction is always duck and cover anyway... he's blind~ Kinth has a degenerative retinal disease that he had as a kid, and its destroying his vision.
lonemaximal Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2012   Digital Artist
Lear looks so terrified. XD And yeah, I see what you mean about having similar styles. Creeeeepy. (I kid, I kid.)

Oh gosh, Shawn! My heart can't take this. :crying:
ArtOfTheGame Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012
What's that? You want me to stop beating your heart with a demolition mallet?

lonemaximal Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012   Digital Artist
Sparradile Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think it makes sense for the cafe to be mostly empty. Considering all the guildleaders had already left and gone to bed, it seems like the party had mostly died down by the time Sorbet started rampaging.

And even though the rocks maybe don't look that wet, I think you did a good job with the floor and the Pokemon. And rocks are weird anyway. It's mostly just a matter of making them a lot darker. Particularly after a rockfall, it's going to be too dusty for things to look really shiny-wet, just muddy.

Haha, and oh man, I love all the expressions, particularly in the second panel.
ArtOfTheGame Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2012
I started experimenting on the rocks at first, but they wound up looking like I was just shading them harder. I eventually decided that I needed to move on, but it's worth some experiments in the future!

Thanks for your input! :D
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